Monday, July 5, 2010

Soup Anyone?

I hope you will find this funny.

I made my husband's favorite on Saturday.  Shepherd's Pie.  I used his favorite vegetables, corn and peas and some balsamic onions.  For the top, I made garlic mashed potatoes with Irish butter.  It was really good.  Funny thing is, I left a can of mushroom soup on the counter.  After I finished making the Shepherd's Pie, I put the can of soup in the pantry.  Paul usually eats pretty late, so I had already gone to bed when he had his dinner. So the next day I asked him how the dinner was.  He replied, "It had too much soup in it."  I told him I didn't put any soup in it!  He just assumed because he saw the can of soup that soup went in the pie!

So I am getting my revenge.  Every time I cook, I pull something strange out of the pantry to leave on the counter which has absolutely nothing to do with what I am cooking.

Today I made Ruben sandwiches.  On the counter I had a can of Mandarin Oranges and a jar of Pickled Ginger!


Happy Cooking!